The field of criminology is a study of crime and the different agencies of justice as they operate and react to crime, criminals and victims. It is therefore the mission of the Criminology Program to provide the community with professionally competent and morally upright graduates who can deliver efficient and effective services in crime prevention, crime detection and investigation, law enforcement, and custody and rehabilitation of offenders, among other things.

The College of Criminology aims:

  • Foster the valued of leadership, integrity, camaraderie, accountability and responsibility while serving their fellowmen, community and country;
  • Elevate the level of patriotism and service to the people, the community and country;
  • Provide scientific knowledge and skills to investigate, analyze and preserve physical evidence relating to the commission of crime as well as identify and present the same in court;
  • Enrich the knowledge of constitutional and human rights to flourish as devoted and law abiding citizens of the country who shall be the model of integrity and trustworthiness; and,
  • Apply most recent researches related to the field of law enforcement, criminal investigation and detection, criminalistics, criminal justice and correctional administration.