The hospitality industry is a multifaceted system consisting of several sectors with airlines, hotels, resorts, travel agencies and tour operators taking up the greater bulk. The industry also goes beyond the business realm, extending to government and non-government agencies as well as educational institutions. The industry plays a pivotal role in uplifting a country’s living standards, generating national income and ensconcing a sense of cultural awareness and appreciation for the country’s natural heritage.

UEP Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management uses a two-pronged approach in preparing students for a career in the hospitality industry. It provides students with practical and managerial skills particularly in hotel, restaurant and resort operations. The course likewise offers relevant training related to the functions and operations of cruise lines, clubs, inns and motels. Students are introduced to basic concepts of Food and Beverage service, Housekeeping, Event Management, Banquet and Catering, and Commercial Cooking.

In addition, UEP has partnered with relevant establishments and employers from the hospitality industry to provide students opportunities for internships and work experience needed to fulfill the course requirement.